Isle of Klezbos performs at weddings

Isle of Klezbos performs for weddings and other celebrations

Isle of Klezbos performing at a wedding

What a joy to have had you all at our party, such a special night we’ll all remember for years to come.
- Lisa Dozier King, Executive Producer
A Letter to Harvey Milk (Off-Broadway NYC Opening Night)

It would have been a special occasion under any circumstances but you and your band made the evening soar.
– Rosemary McLaughlin, Jersey City NJ

Wonderful day – you have contributed so much to our celebration. Oh wow, your ensemble was AMAZING. You all play gorgeously – and you also bring such joy and passion to your music. The music shaped the whole mood and arc of our celebration.
- Harriet Chessman, Madison CT (Bat Mitzvah parent)

My party was a smashing success, and everyone raved about the music. It was exactly the event I had hoped I would have to celebrate my birthday milestone, and the music choices were PERFECT.
Isle of Klezbos' Eve Sicular I’ve been a big fan of Isle of Klezbos/Metropolitan Klezmer for many years, so I was thrilled that the [special trio] was available for my 50th birthday party in July. They played a great mix of music, and my friends all raved about them. I didn’t make any specific requests except that they would play some really danceable numbers in the second set after we had cake and a toast. They didn’t disappoint, and there certainly was plenty of dancing. Some of my friends even forced me to sit in a chair which they raised up and carried around when they played the appropriate song. (I’m not sure which one that was, but my friends assured me it was, uhh, called for.)
I love Klezmer music, but to be honest, I had a few last minute doubts because I wasn’t sure if some of my guests without any cultural exposure might think it was too weird. There were no problems with that! The music was enjoyed equally by Cubans, Dominicans, Canadians, Brits, Taiwanese, African Americans, and WASPs from Maine. The majority of the music they played was Klezmer, but they mixed it up with other musics that all my friends could appreciate.
I also had an excellent experience planning this with Eve. After we discussed it, she knew exactly what would be appropriate for my size and type of party, and her recommendations were perfect.
– Cheryl Stewart, Brooklyn NY

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Banner, Reut and band: Angela Jimenez
Eve Sicular: Kelly Kollar