Isle of Klezbos performs at weddings

Isle of Klezbos performs for weddings and other celebrations Isle of Klezbos, wedding at Greek restaurant

Everyone loved the band. It was wonderful having you there.
— June Hersh, mother of the bride, NYT Weddings & Celebrations

Big, Big Thanks! Two weeks out from the amazing day we had at Bear Mountain, and we just wanted to thank you and the band so very much! We had a magical time and your playing set the tone for an unforgettable evening. The guests all raved about your playing. I hope you had a good time as well, and we can’t thank you enough! Hope to meet again soon!
– Dan and Ziv, NYC

Thank you SO MUCH for being a part of such an amazing event for Donna and Erica, and I would love to have you back anytime, and as often as possible! I will also be updating our preferred vendor list soon and you will be added there as well. We really like to provide our couples with amazing professionals on all facets of the industry, and you guys are top notch! It was an absolute pleasure working with the group, and I hope to see you again soon!
– Kate Arel, Venue Coordinator – The Kaaterskill, Catskill NY

I don’t think we had a chance to let you know that we really enjoyed your band’s music at the wedding (everyone kept on telling us how amazing the band was) and that it was a pleasure working with you from the minute we first talked to the end of the night. The music really set the tone for the evening and we couldn’t have been more happy with it. We’re sorry for the chaos that the weather brought in, and we appreciate the cooperation and patience from all of your band members.
Thanks again for the wonderful night and we hope to see your band perform again!
– Ann and Behrang, Closter NJ

I just had the pleasure of hearing some of your intoxicating music.
Your group has a sound that is so authentic and hip at the same time… Your masterpiece ‘Revery in Hijaz’ has spoiled me for just about anything else. I treated my husband to a little sampler… he thought that this was an inspired way to go.
- Alison Leigh Cowan (mother of the bride), Mystic CT

Eve SIcular, Isle of Klezbos, NY Botanical Garden's Wedding event
Thanks … We were thrilled that you were there. Your wonderful music helped make the day the most glorious simcha we could have hoped for! Much love, and our best wishes for a happy, healthy New Year.
— Liz and Bryn, Jamaica Plain MA

Cheers! You were a hit across the generations…
We got a lot of VERY positive feedback of your band from the people who were at the wedding. People said you were “incroyable”, “génial”, and very pleasant. I think some people were surprised by the tone, as it is usually more loud and poppy for wedding nowadays. But it is good to surprise people, especially with a[n] all female band! We will try to go to one of your shows. It is not that easy, as right now we are a little away from the city. But yes, keep us posted!
– Ilana & Jonathan, Paris (France)

Thank you for the wonderful music you played at our wedding in August. Thank you also for traveling such a long distance and for staying late so people could enjoy your beautiful playing a little longer. Friends and relatives still talk about how much they enjoyed the music. We can’t thank you enough!
— Andrea and Michael Weiner, NYC

Thanks again for a great night of music. We have gotten NON-stop compliments about the band! You guys were awesome!
— Nancy Schwartz and Megan Cossey, Riverdale NY

Now that Jill and I are back from post-wedding travel, I just wanted to thank you and the band for your tremendous work on Sunday at our wedding. We loved the music and you all added a lot of simcha and joy to the celebrations. Thanks also for being open to learning new tunes! We heard lots of compliments from guests about the music. Best of luck for the future
— Guy Austrian [and Rabbi Jill Jacobs], NYC

I have had a “thank you Eve” email hibernating in my head for the whole winter (thank you for the wonderful show)… In any event, yes, of course, I/we would love to act as a reference in any capacity… you’re great, professional, and were the easiest and most fun to do business with of any of the people I contacted for our wedding (bands or otherwise).
— Ben Freeman, Brooklyn NY

Thank you so much for playing and playing so well. Stella, Ronnie’s grandmother said it was the best party she had been to in over 50 years, which, to me, sounds like a very long time. Thanks again, and be well
— Trish Gray, NYC
Isle of Klezbos performing for a wedding at New York Botanical Gardens
I loved your work at my wedding in January. Thank you for it; you helped make the event a success.
– Joyce, Joyce Gold History Tours of New York

thanks for everything—you guys and gals were a hit!!!!!!—now I just want to be a guest at someone else’s wedding that you are playing at so so I can really enjoy you without distraction!
— Deborah Gar Reichman [wedding to Shelly Curnow featured in The New York Times], Brooklyn NY

Just a note to say THANK YOU FOR THE TRULY AWESOME MUSIC. The Love Fest wouldn’t have been the same without you.
Much love — Dawn Rose & Marla Brettschneider

The band made our wedding a success! We got the video — about half of the 2-hour tape is the music and dancing. We love it and it made us really know how pivotal you were in everyone having such a great time. Much love
— Andrea Small, Schoharie NY

When our friends ask us about our wedding, I say if I were an ad exec, I’d like to make this commercial: Flowers — $XXX; Tent — $XXXX; Catering — $XXXXX; Isle of Klezbos as the wedding band — priceless. Thank you!
— Melissa Stein and Elena Deutsch, NYC [featured in The New York Times]

You made an already joyous occasion even better! The whole band was just fabulous and exactly what we were hoping for.
— Love, Rebecca Busansky and Jonah Zuckerman, Brooklyn NY

Thank you, and please thank the entire band. You’re authentic and terrific! It was sheer joy to listen to, dance to, and watch everyone old and young go to their roots (whatever they happened to be!) …. Happy New Year!
– Edee Bers Sutton, mother of the bride (and Paul, Lily and Ryan), NYT Weddings & Celebrations

Isle of Klezbos performs for weddings and celebrations of all kinds

Thank you and all your band for doing such an amazing and wonderful job at our wedding. You provided the soul, warmth, wit and of course talent that made it a great reception (rave reviews from all the guests). Please especially thank Pam for her double duty [at the ceremony] where she was perfect.
— Mary Wallach and Brock, NYC

New Year’s Day, 2005
As we contemplate 2004, surely our favorite day of all — if not the happiest day of our lives — was our wedding day of August 29. You were all an integral part of that. Your gifted playing brought such joy to our wedding. We will never forget dancing the horah with our family and friends that day. Thank you, Eve, for working so hard to put together just the right combination of talented musicians. It really paid off, and everyone had a wonderful time.
We hope to see you soon, ideally at one of your concerts. School essentially ran away with us both the minute we returned from our honeymoon, and we’re just resurfacing.
Here’s to peace, health, and joy to you in 2005.
— Love, Rachel and Sarah, Brooklyn NY

Everyone tells me they loved the band at the wedding. I’m so happy that you were able to play and it all went incredibly smoothly. I only wish we could have danced more! The party was a blur and went by in a flash for me.
Thanks again for being such a pleasure to work with and fantastic for the wedding spirit!
— Carol Clements, NYC

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PHOTO CREDITS top to bottom:
Debra & Shoko at Kaaterskill Inn: Angela Jimenez
Reut, Debra, Eve and Shoko at Thalassa Restaurant, Tribeca:
Eve, Shoko and Pam at New York Botanical Garden in the Bronx: Kelly Kollar
Instruments: Michael Bloom